What is the meaning of marketing?

It seems like everybody has a different answer, but when it comes down to it, it’s your answer that is most essential. That’s because you are the one who has to control whether or not your marketing is working; whether it is creating a positive return on investment.

As a business owner, you may also be working with a business or advertising coach who is supporting you with emerging your marketing plan, developing marketing campaigns and then understanding what results you’re getting and what they mean for your business.


You might attend a marketing session or read a business book. Regardless of who you turn to for skilled guidance on marketing and other features of building your business, it’s important to understand how you define marketing and how they define advertising so that you’re always equaling apples to apples.

How did it help in our business?

Plan the marketing strategy: With the availability of a number of social media platforms, it is difficult to keep a track of which platform is performing the best. The marketing services as provided by an agency include planning a strategy that would help your business ascertain the correct social media channel for promotion and ad campaigns. The agency also discovers how the website should be improved for the search engines so that it ranks highly.

Business owners often have to give up a large part of their time in monitoring their marketing campaigns, in turn, neglecting core activities of the business. A marketing agency helps by way of generating new leads for business, which can be later converted to real customers. This is a real task which when taken care of gives you time to concentrate on the core business activities.

Marketing services as provided by an agency include tracking the marketing campaigns to analyze their viability. They collect data related to the number of visitors viewing the website, the duration for which they stay at the website and whether any of them converted to real customers or not. This data helps in understanding the effectiveness of the advertising campaigns and the areas that need more resources.

Types of Marketing

Blanket marketing:

It is a type that is often used by the bigger business. Blanket marketing means that you occupy money advertising to everyone. Many people select to do blanket marketing by publicizing in magazines or newspapers. You will not actually have control of who sees your publicity, but you will have the impending to reach many people.

Targeted marketing:

It is a way in which you select a certain demographic and only market to them. This could mean that you promote to everyone in a convinced area. Instead, you could advertise to everyone in a certain age range. The great thing about targeted publicizing is that you will have a much better chance at receiving customers since you will be promoting to the types of people who would possibly become clienteles.

Social media marketing:

It could be called the new kid in town since it is relatively a young idea. With this advertising, you use any one of the many popular social media sites to promote your company. You can also use an everyday blog to garner business.

The downside to this type of advertising is that you will be sending your info out to many people who may not be concerned at all. With blogs, you will have to take the time to keep the blog up to date.

 Paid advertising:

This includes multiple methods for marketing. It includes traditional tactics like TVCs and print media marketing. Also, one of the most well-known advertising approaches is internet marketing. It comprises various methods like PPC (Pay per click) and paid advertising.


Cause marketing:

Cause marketing relatives the services and products of a business to a social cause or issue. It is also well known as cause-related marketing.

Relationship marketing:

This type of marketing is basically focused on customer building. Enhancing existing relationships with customers and improving customer loyalty.

Undercover marketing:

This type of marketing tactics phases on marketing the product while clienteles remain unaware of the marketing strategy. It is also known as stealth marketing.

Word of mouth:

It totally relies on what impression you leave on people. It is traditionally the most important type of marketing strategy. Being heard is important in the business world. When you give excellent services to clienteles, it is likely that they’d promote you.

Internet marketing:

It is also known as cloud marketing. It usually happens over the internet. All the marketing items are shared on the internet and promoted on various platforms via multiple approaches.

Transactional marketing:

Sales are particularly the most challenging work. Even for the biggest retailers, selling is always tough particularly when there are high volume targets. However, with the new marketing strategies, selling isn’t as difficult as it was. In transactional marketing, the retailers encourage customers to buy with shopping coupons, discounts, and huge events. It improves the chances of sales and encourages the target audience to buy the promoted products.

Diversity marketing:

It caters diverse audience by customizing and integrating different marketing strategies. It covers different aspects of cultural, beliefs, attitudes, views and other specific needs.


Marketing your products and interacting with all your customers has never been this easy with Internet marketing. Because you’re able to reach your customers far and wide, you’ll be able to interact with them even after the sales process ends. The beauty of this whole thing is that you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home or office. You can reach your customers 24/7. You can ask them how they’re enjoying their product, what other potential products they might need or maybe provide them some after sales support if they’re encountering any problems in using your product. This all comes down to making your customers feel that they’ve dealt with a real human being instead of some big corporate machine that’s only interested in their money.

Marketing is a company’s master key for aggregate sales in this digital age that we live in. Almost every aspect of a person’s life is at some point connected to the Internet. This is very evident in the amount of social media interaction that is conducted each day.

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