Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is referred to an advertisement which may be delivered through digital ways I.e mobile applications, web search engines, websites, social media, email etc. However, this term covers a range of marketing activities out of which all are not accepted by the university

digital marketing

Marketing Tips

Here are 5 tips to follow to develop a successful online marketing strategy on your startups limited budget. 1.Know your market. 2.Your marketing strategy will never be successful if you do not have a clearly defined audience. ... 3.Set and reset goals. 4.Determine what you are looking to gain from online marketing. ... 5.Set a budget.


Great marketing finds and keeps customers. Now more than ever people spend more time online than they spend reading. For this reason, marketing is shifting away from traditional to digital channels. Digital marketing provides unique and strong ways to market to prospective customer

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Pay per Click Overview


Pay per Click is a form of marketing app which is used by a particular website in order to advertise its content on a host website and later pays some amount to the anchoring website, whenever a user clicks on the advertisement. It is a basic form of marketing which is used by various WebPages in order to earn customers for their business, so “PAY PER CLICK” is one of the best choices for it. It is one of the cost control methods which can be used by any online marketer to gain good customer base within a stipulated period of time. So to publicize a particular content this marketing method can be used by various WebPages. Not only for increasing customer base but also for promoting, marketing, describing product criteria in a short and précised manner so that the person gets the clear idea about each and every segment of the webpage and spend more time browsing about it. The major contents of ‘PAY PER CLICK” are keywords, how the advertisement behaves in the market, a content of the page. It feels quite easy to understand, but the complexity of the pay per click is very complex. read more


The first thing you have to learn, “The Power of Digital Marketing lies in its Content” If not, you have now. content Play lead role in your digital marketing activities.

the rise of content is because media has become democratized. We live in a world where everyone can get involved with it, even though succeeding with it is something else entirely. You can write a blog or record a podcast and video if you have a phone. And whether we like it or not, fake news now has a spot on the table, although it’s definitely not a practice I condone in the slightest. read more

Social Media Marketing

A rise of social networks has reignited the interest in influencer marketing. In the digital era, superstars are not only the influencer’s services, but also a popular blogger or an industry expert can have the strongest influence on buying decisions of consumers. Any individual with an established credibility and the large audience can be an influencer. Their trustworthiness, expertise, and authenticity can persuade the consumers to engage with your brand. And that is why it is recommended to establish a potential relationship with them and orient your marketing activities around them. Choosing the right social marketing channel is a crucial yet challenging task. The problem is that you can find an overwhelming number of social media sites. read more

E-Mail Marketing

Email Marketing is an effective way of communication for business. You can utilize email marketing broadcasts to increase the conversion rate of any services and affiliate products. Here is brief information about email marketing and its process.

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It seems like everybody has a different answer, but when it comes down to it, it’s your answer that is most essential. That’s because you are the one who has to control whether or not your marketing is working; whether it is creating a positive return on investment.

As a business owner, you may also be working with a business or advertising coach who is supporting you with emerging your marketing plan, developing marketing campaigns and then understanding what results you’re getting and what they mean for your business. Read more

Increase your revenue with the digital marketing

Digital marketing is very helpful in all the business and also plays a very important role in increasing the revenue of the business. These days there are a number of companies uses digital marketing for the progress of their business or organization and also to increase the revenue of the business. A business can be already very successful, but the business leaders always look for a new way to increase their revenue and making it to a higher level of success. Digital marketing is one of the key factors for increasing the revenue and at the same time make it more successful. read more