PPC-Pay per Click

PPC-Pay per Click

Pay per Click Overview


Pay per Click is a form of marketing app which is used by a particular website in order to advertise its content on a host website and later pays some amount to the anchoring website, whenever a user clicks on the advertisement. It is a basic form of marketing which is used by various WebPages in order to earn customers for their business, so “PAY PER CLICK” is one of the best choices for it. It is one of the cost control methods which can be used by any online marketer to gain good customer base within a stipulated period of time. So to publicize a particular content this marketing method can be used by various WebPages. Not only for increasing customer base but also for promoting, marketing, describing product criteria in a short and précised manner so that the person gets the clear idea about each and every segment of the webpage and spend more time browsing about it. The major contents of ‘PAY PER CLICK” are keywords, how the advertisement behaves in the market, a content of the page. It feels quite easy to understand, but the complexity of the pay per click is very complex. It’s a long-term process it is important to understand the keys to various words and try to know exactly how the search engine works within that period of time. There are some steps through which ‘PAY PER CLICK” works.

  • First of all, we have to put the keywords that will reoccur in the result.
  • Then we have to write the ad result after notifying it.
  • Then we have to do a proper nomination for the selected bid words.


  • BIDDING IN THE WEB PAGE: Whenever a particular customer tries to click on the ad, at that time we have to be prepared to pay a feasible amount (in us$) for that we have to choose the price that we have decided to pay .S this is the format of bidding. Through this, the marketers can actually have a check how much they have to pay and also get to know about their competition in the market.They also get to know about how the bids are done and the number of times we want our ad to display again when the lifetime of the ad comes to an end.
  • PLACING THE PAGE: It is quite important to know the fact that if the number of bids appears to be higher, it is not necessary that the webpage will be at the top of the search engine list as well. The SEO will put the word in such a manner that they can earn from it. However if the webpage doesn’t catch the attention or gets the number of clicks then at that point of time the webpage will get dropped from the list and as a result, it will lower its ranking. So WebPages have to work really hard so that they can keep on improving the quality of the webpage and at the same time increase the customer segment.
  • PUBLISHING ON THE WEB PAGE: It is said that when an ad is posted on Google It is published within a certain period of time. However, when it comes to other web browsers except for Google it definitely takes more time than this. As a result, it becomes a bit difficult to handle this. So whenever we are ready to publish anything we should be ready to know that we have to be pretty much sure about the time period of publishing. This process generally helps to know what other WebPages are doing and the level of performance by the competitors.


PAY PER CLICK has got its various forms:



    This is a form of advertising that is an important factor for the business. They may be in different forms like image form, text form; in a particular kind of a banner. These ads always have a mission of targeting a particular group of customers so that they can attract the attention of the users. These ads generally linked up with the WebPages. They lay an important role in building and creating awareness about that particular brand so that they can create an impact in the minds of the customers as well. It has got a numerous number of advantages and disadvantages. Advantages like it can gin a lot of visual effects, help in increasing customer base and also play an important role in marketing the content again and again. Some kinds of disadvantages like their conversion rate are very low. In fact, the total number of sales also takes time.


serch egnine ads

 It is another form of advertising in which the webpage have to contribute some amount to the anchoring site in order to improve their position in the search list. These are one of the most important forms of marketing the web pages so that they can get to know what kind of development is required in the site to gain good customer segment in the market. So to gain a good share of the market for the company as well as the website this is one of the most effective ways to get control over the cost, improving and saving a good time.


video ad 

This is one of the most common and an expressive form of advertising in today’s marketing campaigns. Through this, we can get to know what are the needs and requirements of the customer and how they feel about the product after watching the video on a serious note. This basically improves the kind of target the webpage wants to set before pitching in with the plans for developing the products for the customer. Through videos, we can also get to know who our audience is and whom we should keep in mind before launching a new product and making it available to the customer in an effective way. This also improves the performance of the webpage.




social media ads

Through this form of advertising, it is quite important to note that the main influencer of various WebPages is done only through social media. This also improves the campaign power by targeting the sites like Face book, Instagram and the mainly formal site like LinkedIn that not only helps you to find more people but also helps in finding more opportunities regarding the ad campaign. The more the customer they gain the more clicks on the pages they will receive and therefore will be a step ahead of other WebPages. It’s a major form of increasing the popularity of the webpage.


    It is a special kind of format for creating ads in which we combine with other WebPages for providing various kinds of products and services. This kind of thing help in accessing better quality and developing good leads especially for the loyal customers and they feel that they actually want to get similar kind of products that you have. This particular search helps in checking the rate of conversion by a process of clicking through. Sometimes the customers unknowingly get distracted because these kinds of sites are quite busy for providing similar products in other websites.


    This is the kind of marketing where a particular kind of a product or service is going to be put in various kind of WebPages, seos, websites for comparison of prices and Target customer based websites as well. This is a form of marketing which is generally helpful if its service is done through a particular kind of third party user by various kinds of affiliate networks. They are a powerful tool as they can help improve the brand value, increase sales set up in a particular area, help it stay through the competition and try to create an impact in the market. It is also time-saving, beneficial to the customer, we can also try and keep the track record of our performance and how much interest a particular customer shows regarding the particular product or service.

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